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Our Story

Avrio was founded on the idea that humans had put themselves in a bind when it came to the entire experience around hiring. Recruiters were being buried under resumes, while job seekers faced long, empty silences during their searches.

So we decided to do something about it.


The Avrio Inc. Mission 

At Avrio our mission is to use the power of Artificial Intelligence to unlock human potential. We believe in supporting Talent Acquisition professionals to enhance their capabilities while delivering an exceptional candidate experience to the job seeker. 

Meet the Avrio Team!

Nachi Junankar Founder & CEO

Nachi Junankar

Founder & CEO

Todd Buffum Head of Product

Todd Buffum

Head of Product

Srinath Narasimhan Head of Engineering

Srinath Narasimhan

Head of Engineering

Betty Lo, CFO

Betty Lo


Sean Hennessey Software Architect

Sean Hennessey

Software Architect

Daniel Cloudt - Strategic Account Executive

Daniel Cloudt

Strategic Account Executive

Koteshwar Rao Myneni, Full Stack Developer

Koteshwar Rao Myneni

Full Stack Developer

Ravi Gunti, Engineering Lead

Ravi Gunti

Engineering Lead

Princy Parmar, Sales Development

Princy Parmar

Sales Development Rep

Backed by the Best

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 Jeff Fagnan



Paul Heydon

London venture partners

Stuart Pratt Sr.

member, board of trustees
Boston University



James Champy

advısor to ceo
mıt corporation


Steve Papa

founder & ceo


Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine

Assıst. Prof. & lınguıst
National University of Singapore


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