Avrio AI Takes Home the Win at Talent Tech Labs Transatlantic Expo

Nachi Junankar

· April 24, 2017

Talent Tech Labs

It was an exciting end to the week for Avrio AI as Nachi Junankar and the Avrio team were recognized as the TTL Transatlantic Expo winners. Avrio was selected by attending companies and investors as the top company to watch. 

Avrio competed against 18 other startups from 14 differernt countries across a variety of different HR disciplines. 

What is a Chatbot and How Can it be Used in Talent Acquisition?

Melis Unsal

· March 21, 2017

This 5 minute Q&A session with David Creelman seeks to explain what an A.I. chatbot is while covering its limitations and opportunities for its use in Talent Acquisition.

In the brief video Todd Buffum, Head of Product at Avrio, and David Creelman, CEO of Creelman Research, address questions around this new technology - from "what is a chatbot?" and "how can it be used in Talent Acquisition?" to "what is the future of A.I.".

Why TA Teams Should Be Thinking About Artificial Intelligence: An Interview with Tony Le, IAC

Melis Unsal

· March 16, 2017


We sat down with Tony Le, Sr. Director of Global Recruiting at IAC Publishing to discuss the current challenges facing talent acquisition teams and why they should be thinking about leveraging Artificial Intelligence in their processes. The company reaches over 100 million monthly US users with its portfolio of established brands such as About.com, Dictionary.com, Investopedia and The Daily Beast. 

Keeping Up With the Candidates: Tracking Micro-Stages in Candidate Disposition

Todd Buffum

· March 8, 2017

One of the most challenging aspects of recruiting is keeping tabs on thousands of candidates and an ever-changing set of jobs. ATS’s use Candidate Disposition to keep track of applicants in various stages of the hiring funnel. Recruiters told us first-hand stories about some of their methods for keeping track of candidates that fell into interim hiring stages:

The Avrio Product Team Makes its Blog Debut

Todd Buffum

· March 2, 2017

The Avrio team came together with team members from NYC, Boston and Hyderabad, India for our first full company meeting of 2017. Each department head had a chance to outline the direction they were driving their teams and introduce departmental goals for the year.

The Future of Work is Now. So Where Does AI Fit In?

Melis Unsal

· February 23, 2017

Artificial Intelligence has slowly but surely made its way into our lives -  A recent study by Hubspot found that 63% of people (in this case voice search technology) didn’t even realize they were using AI. Apple’s Siri gives recommendations for restaurants, Netflix suggests “What to Watch Next”, Facebook offers to tag your friends in your pictures and Google Search tries to guess what you are searching for with autocomplete - these are all varying examples of AI.

Avrio Featured on Talent Acquisition Tech Trends Report by Talent Tech Labs

Melis Unsal

· January 26, 2017


State of the Industry 2017: 3 Trends in AI for Talent Acquisition

Melis Unsal

· January 19, 2017

Companies are beginning to see the value in adopting Artificial Intelligence to serve their business needs. This realization is reflected prominently in corporate spend on AI technologies, which are projected to grow to $47 billion by 2020, from only $8 billion in 21016. Parallel to this In light of such a large shift in addition, 42% of firms plan to increase their HR tech spend in the upcoming year. If this increase is taken as a projection of the growth in overall industry spend, Artificial Intelligence will be a key investment area for Talent in the upcoming years.


Talent Tech Labs Welcomes Avrio, Artificial Intelligence Tech Startup to the Incubator

Nachi Junankar

· November 9, 2016

Talent Tech Labs (TTL) announces Avrio is joining the TTL community beginning September 22, 2016. TTL has accepted Avrio into its six-month incubation program, providing full access to TTL’s startup resources and expansive network of Talent Acquisition technology experts.

Technology & AI: Supporting People to Create the Next:Economy

Nachi Junankar

· October 24, 2016

The defining economic challenge of our time is this: Can we create an economy that provides meaningful jobs and affords millions of people (and their families) life’s simple necessities? Do we use Artificial Intelligence to replace people or augment people? The choices we make now directly affects the future we create for the next 100 years.

At the Next:Economy Conference hosted by the indefatigable Tim O’Reilly and the highly influential Reid Hoffman, we explored different points of view across a broad spectrum. Below are just a few of the interesting exchanges that I was fortunate to have while attending the conference: