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Job seekers, Avrio has you covered.

Our platform uses Artificial intelligence to help match you to jobs that will propel your career forward. We partner with companies so you can ask Rio, our robot recruiter questions about the company, get updates on your application status and see which jobs you are the best fit your experience. 



Upload your resume 

Avrio will build your profile in seconds, so you can spend your time on landing your next job.


View a shortlist of job opportunities

Focus on a curated list of jobs that fit your experience and skills.


Tuneup your resume

Resume's customized to the job will increase your chances. Tweak your resume in moments. 


Instant responses from company chatbots

Ask the robot recruiter assistant questions about the company, get your application status and more!




Curious how Rio chat works? 

Rio connects talent acquisition teams at companies directly to candidates. 

What can Rio do?

  • Ask questions on behalf of the recruiter
    • i.e. Can you provide an example of a time you displayed leadership?
  • Answer questions about the company
    • i.e. What's the working from home policy? 
  • Ask for application status updates
    • i.e. When can I expect to hear back from a recruiter?
    • Schedule an follow up phone / in-person interview with a recruiter
    • See how your Fitscore for other jobs at this company





In order to ensure that we can support all job seekers, we are waitlisting new sign-ups. You can be among the first to access to our platform and see how Artificial Intelligence can support you in your job search.

Thanks for your interest in Avrio!