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Job seekers, Avrio has you covered.

Our unique platform leverages Artificial intelligence to help match you to jobs that will propel your career forward.

Real-time notifications and faster turnaround from employers

Real-time notifications and faster turnaround from employers

Avrio helps companies respond faster to applications and shares real-time updates with you regarding your status.

  • Our chatbot, Rio, conducts your screening interview on behalf of the recruiter.
  • Show off your skills, get answers to your questions in real-time and receive faster turnaround from employers on your application.
fit the best fit for your career goals

Find the best fit

We conduct an in-depth analysis of your profile and match it against specific job descriptions. So you have a better chance of finding a job that is a good fit.  

  • A deep dive into your work history, skills, preferences and educational background to assess your fit for a job.
  • Get matched to other open jobs you are a good fit for.
Strengthen your profile

Strengthen your profile

We share customized feedback into how your skills did or didn’t match up to the job you applied for.

  • Use the insights to tune up your resume and better position yourself for other opportunities.
  • We prepare you for new opportunities by coaching you through fine-tuning your resume and application

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