By Jessica Demmer • March 12, 2019

10 Ways AI is Changing Recruitment for the Better

10 Ways AI is Changing Recruitment for the Better

It’s no secret now that AI has made recruitment easier and more efficient than ever. As leading AI talent platforms like Avrio continue to advance and develop more powerful features, it will help recruiters accomplish their short-term and greater organizational goals in creative new ways. Below are 10 of the countless ways that AI is changing recruitment for the better.

1. Find qualified candidates fasterHomepage_Woman_nobubbles-4

Most recruiters will agree that sorting through endless resumes and creating initial candidate shortlists are some of the most time consuming and undesirable aspects of their job. A major benefit of using AI for your recruitment today is that it will allow immediate, comprehensive and intelligent shortlist creation using your existing ATS data for any new jobs you are hiring for. Consider the 5-6 seconds it takes per resume for recruiters to just perform an initial screening, which is often accompanied by many inaccurate assumptions, while AI is immediate, accurate and unbiased.


2. Less bias in recruiting

Companies that aim to eliminate bias from their recruitment process should strongly consider adopting AI; it ensures objectivity for the initial candidate selection process. By efficiently creating shortlists that focus on what really matters, candidate skills and qualifications, compared to irrelevant information like gender, age, name, etc., AI has done much to remove bias from recruitment.

Avrio does this and takes it a step further by allowing you to compile a list of anonymized candidates to send to your hiring manager for review in a simple process. In turn, feedback from hiring managers on these anonymized candidates is used to improve our AI to provide better matching for a particular company.

3. More time for qualified candidates

AI gives your recruiters 35% of their time back so they can spend much more time on your most qualified candidates while ensuring that candidates who aren’t going to move onto the next stage can receive timely notification. Engaging your most qualified candidates will result in them being much happier with your company, whether they end up with your firm or move on elsewhere. That helps you build and maintain a sparkling employer brand, which we have noted is essential in 2020 and beyond.

4. Far more efficient hiring

Eliminate that dreaded ATS “black hole” from your recruitment where many great candidates often end up unfairly. These are the potential hires that didn’t make the cut on a prior job, yet didn’t hear back from your company or were otherwise archived in your ATS. AI turns the data lost in that black hole into a viable asset for your company; every time a job is created, Avrio will first look to your existing data so that you may not even need to gather additional resumes externally.

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5. AI-initiated interview screening

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The interview process is now being initiated by AI. Previously, recruiters had to manually reach out to each candidate. Now, AI powered chatbots like Avrio’s Rio can reach out and initiate engagement so candidates are contacted in a timely manner and relevant questions can be asked by the company and answered. Although this is a completely new style of interviewing, the vast majority of candidates are comfortable interacting with AI early in the interview process.

6. Better communication from start to finish

The current recruitment process suffers from a lack of communication when candidates don’t hear back regarding their status or don’t receive answers to questions quickly enough. Workopolis determined that 43% of candidates never hear back from companies after the first touchpoint, while CareerArc found that 65% of candidates never or rarely receive notifications about their application status. AI has helped recruiters fix this glaring problem and ensure fast and automated notifications of the candidate’s status in the recruitment process.

7. A greater connection with Millennials and Gen Z

AI has facilitated a stronger connection with younger demographics like Millennials, since 80% of them mainly consider company culture and people fit with any company they are considering. AI has helped accelerate the recruitment process by 35% so recruiters can work on building their company brand, sell the job, and ensure they can stay competitive for top talent.

8. Immediately lowered recruitment costs

We have previously discussed how AI drives down recruitment costs tremendously; based on preliminary data we have seen organizations immediately save thousands of dollars on direct hiring costs and many recruitment hours. AI keeps your company competitive and modern by getting the right people into the right job at the right time, faster than ever. It decreases the time to fill a new job by up to 11 days, and the cost of a new hire down by up to 25%.

9. Streamlined online job applications

Many current ATS-driven job applications are clunky and inefficient, with multiple unnecessary steps or a disordered process that has led to the communication lapses and unhappiness that has affected the entire recruitment industry. You can immediately streamline your job application process today by implementing Avrio. Through immediate shortlist creation, automated AI-driven pre-interviews, an intuitive interface and so much more, Avrio makes recruitment as pain-free and quick as possible for both your recruiters and candidates.

10. Making recruitment more human and fun

By saving time for recruiters, eliminating repetitive tasks, lowering costs and allowing the potential for more candidate engagement, AI is making recruitment more human and fun!

We want recruiters to be able to spend time engaging the right candidates, creating a great experience and getting them into the right jobs faster. 

Your company and recruitment department can experience all of the above-mentioned positive changes and so much more by trying Avrio today.

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