By Jessica Demmer • February 8, 2019

3 Areas Where Your Recruitment Strategy May Be Falling Short

3 Areas Where Your Recruitment Strategy May be Falling Short

Just like your marketing campaigns or work culture, your recruitment strategy may need to be adjusted or improved from time to time.

The start of a new year is the perfect time to consider making some changes, and Avrio AI can help in several areas where your current recruitment strategy may be falling short:

#1 – Still taking too long to find matching candidates?

Are you spending majority of your day looking through resumes trying to find a candidate that appears to be a good match for an open position.

Traditionally this is the only way to find candidates, but the research shows that recruiters spend over 2 hours of their day just sifting through resumes. This is harmful to your company's bottom line and slows down your overall recruiting operation.  

If you notice that you are spending too much time looking at resumes, an AI recruitment platform like Avrio can go a long way in helping you find candidates much faster and skip the step of initial candidate matching.

Platforms like Avrio AI are engineered to match candidates to the right jobs. Avrio AI’s sophisticated comprehensive matching algorithms, match and qualify millions of candidates, so you are instantly engaging with the best available candidates.

As a result, you submit better candidates quickly and increase the velocity of the business.

#2 – Are you spending too much time on the phone?

In the traditional hiring process, after a candidate has been matched, a recruiter has to reach out and qualify that they are indeed a good fit and available for the job.

Not only do you have to get in touch with the candidate, but very often they are not actually qualified or even interested in the position. One study found that out of 20 outreach attempts to potential candidates, only 1-2 candidates were actually qualified and interested in the position.

Avrio AI’s chatbot Rio can help you screen candidates for a job. Rio has detailed, personalized, and entirely machine driven conversation with millions of candidates to screen for the right ones. By utilizing Rio,  you will increase your quality submittal rate by over 3X!

With Rio handling screening, you have a comprehensive view of each candidate and spend more time on the human touch.

That is so important at a time when it’s widely accepted that consistent, detailed communication is the most important thing to ensure a positive candidate experience.

[INFOGRAPHIC: How AI Improves Key Steps in Recruiting]

#3 – Are your hiring managers happy?

Staffing and recruiting is a highly competitive business. Hiring managers have a vested interest in finding candidates who have a genuine interest in passion for working at their company and fulfilling their overall mission.

But when you aren’t able to quickly place quality candidates across all your open jobs, you run the risk of making your hiring managers unhappy and potentially losing business to your competition. 

Avrio's AI recruitment platform in combination with your ATS/CRM helps accelerate time to hire, increase quality submittals and expands coverage.

Keep your hiring managers happy and provide a quality submittal for every single position, quickly. With Avrio you can can cover virtually every open job with speed and precision that is sure to impress every hiring manager you work with.

Let machines do what they are good at and let people do what they are BEST at.

Avrio AI can assist with all of the above-mentioned areas where your recruitment strategy may be falling short.

We believe in helping recruiting teams grow their business. With Avrio AI, recruiters can double the number of contracts, expand their team, and increase their business’s profit.

We bring your hiring process into the modern era with AI, helping you accelerate your recruiting operation. 

Accelerate your process by over 35% and see Avrio AI's platform in action!