By Jessica Demmer • December 4, 2018

3 Reasons Why the Candidate Experience Should be A Top Priority in 2019

Many recruiting teams have recognized that improving the candidate experience is of the utmost priority in 2019 and beyond. Countless recent studies have emphasized the point. 

And despite unwarranted concerns that AI might negatively impact the candidate experience, it has largely shed this reputation and proven to be a reliable and fast way to improve it.

This is because modern AI recruitment platforms like Avrio AI actually free up precious time for recruiters to build or improve their brand, engage with their applicants and provide faster and more detailed status notifications – all of which greatly matter to candidates.

So if you are focused on improving the candidate experience like many other organizations out there, investing in AI is worthwhile. If you need some more convincing, below are three reasons (among many) why the candidate experience matters more than ever:

Candidates Believe Their Experience is Indicative of How You Value Your Employees


No company wants to be seen as not valuing its employees enough, but that’s certainly the perception when you aren’t focused on the candidate experience.

CareerBuilder found that around 78% of job seekers said their candidate experience is indicative of the way that a company values its employees.

Employer reputation and perception has always been important, especially in the modern era with dozens of channels where companies can be reviewed and discussed.

Poor Candidate Experiences Are Likely to Be Shared on Social Media

CareerArc found that 65% of candidates never or rarely receive notice about the status of their application, one of the major causes of a poor candidate experience.

They also found that among the candidates who had a poor experience, 72% of them would share it on social media, on review websites like Glassdoor or with their friends.

That type of negative information is never good for business. The impact affects other job postings, as 55% of job seekers will abandon an application after viewing a negative employer review online.

Poor Candidate Experiences Are Bad for Business


Poor candidate experiences can affect a company’s revenue in many ways – even costing them directly after candidates refuse to do business with them in the future.

CareerArc found that 64% of job seekers said that a poor candidate experience would make them less likely to purchase goods or services from the employer in the future. Some studies have found the impact of this to be in the millions per year for some large businesses.

LinkedIn estimated that a negative employer brand can cost up to $7.6 million for a company with 10,000 employees per year. So, there is a lot of direct financial incentive to make sure that no candidate walks away from their application with a bad taste in their mouth.

How Does AI Help with the Candidate Experience

This list could go on – these are only a few of dozens of reasons why poor candidate experiences can hurt the growth and reputation of your company.

However, it’s a relief to know that technology can go a long way in protecting your brand and improving your candidate experience.

At Avrio AI, we know just how important it is for our clients to have a positive candidate experience for each and every applicant.

Our AI recruitment platform has made it easier than ever for recruiters to focus more on engagement and communication which in turn ensures a positive experience.

Avrio AI saves recruiters around 3 hours each day on redundant tasks so they can focus on the human side of recruiting that has become so critical, including interacting with candidates, selling their company, and developing a unique likeable brand.

Our highly advanced industry-leading matching algorithms do much of the hard work for you in terms of processing resumes and shortlisting the top candidates for an open job.

After we shortlist your top candidates, our AI assistant, Rio will contact all of the candidates and ask pre-qualifying questions to learn more about their professional experience. Available 24/7, Rio ensures that every candidate receives a transparent and engaging experience.  


With less time spent on resume review and phone screens, you can focus on the in-person interviews to address questions, and make the hiring process a little more fun and enjoyable rather than rushed and hectic.

Try Avrio AI risk free today and see why it has become one of the most powerful tools for recruiters to improve their candidate experience and keep their employer brand sparkling.