By Jessica Demmer • April 23, 2019

5 Best AI Recruiting Solutions in 2019

5 Best AI Recruiting Tools in 2019

Adding the right recruiting solutions to your arsenal can serve to improve your recruitment process far beyond where it stands today.

AI powered solutions are relatively new but have already advanced recruitment in numerous ways, ushering in a new era in which many redundant front-end tasks aren’t just automated, but performed with incredible accuracy in regard to the specific needs of your organization.

The research is showing that investing in AI is becoming a must if you want your recruiting to stay competitive. AI is already in heavy use with 80% of firms investing in it. The cost savings are also proven.

 So, what are the best AI recruiting tools to consider for 2019 and how exactly do they impact and improve your hiring process?

 Tool #1 - AI Powered Candidate Evaluation

AI powered candidate evaluation or matching is an excellent way to consistently and instantly get higher quality candidates for any open jobs.

Through AI generated candidate lists, your recruiters can spend far less time on scouring resumes to find the right skills for the job and manually put shortlists together.

Avrio AI in particular has a cutting-edge feature that utilizes machine learning to incorporate data from many thousands of jobs along with your own organization to suggest desirable skills to target for a particular job opening.

That means that you get fast candidate shortlists which are highly targeted for your specific organization and desired skill set. On top of that, each candidate is ranked by unified scoring system (FitScore) – all without having to waste your valuable recruiting hours. 

Avrio's AI Recruitment Platform

Tool #2 - Internal Sourcing – Rediscovery in Your ATS

Internal sourcing is desirable as a primary solution to fill a new job. By sourcing within your existing ATS or CRM data, you are leveraging a hard-earned asset that would otherwise go un-utilized.

When you use AI as a recruiting solution, you can use this valuable internal recruiting data to quickly fill new jobs at the lowest cost possible. You will also rediscover candidates who already likely have some sort of familiarity with your company which will further save time.

Imagine not having to start a new external recruitment campaign every time a new job opens. You simply can use Avrio AI to put together a shortlist for your new job, interview candidates with our AI chatbot Rio to request information about additional skills, and then select from that list as a primary option.

Without even considering the efficiency improvements of utilizing AI for internal sourcing, it is estimated that internal hires cost up to 50% less than external hires.

When you add in the automation and streamlining features that AI provides, the cost will be even lower for your company.


 Tool #3 - AI Screening

AI powered resume screening has numerous benefits; in particular, there are only so many resumes that a human recruiter can view in one day without making mistakes.

A main benefit of AI screening is that you can scale your company upward when the resumes start to pile in and become overwhelming for your recruiters. It doesn’t take much for this to happen.

The average number of resumes for a job is around 250. When recruiters are juggling multiple job openings, the resume volume quickly becomes too much, and great candidates are missed out on.

AI processes resumes efficiently in an unbiased way. It ensures that every one of those applicants will get some sort of fair consideration for the job, so that your recruiters don’t get burned out and overlook what might be a fantastic candidate. With an AI solution, recruiter productivity can increase by over 35%!

 Tool #4 - AI Conversational Chatbotnewchat-1-1

AI conversational chatbots have taken the recruitment industry by storm because they offer a variety of advantages to improve your candidate communication, engagement and streamline your hiring process.

Our AI conversational chatbot Rio is able to ask candidates a variety of pre-interview questions to help further qualify and prime candidates, saving your recruiters countless hours of phone time (over 2 hours/day).

In addition, Rio is even able to ask candidates questions about skills they may have left off their resume. Candidates can also ask Rio a variety of questions about your company, eliminating the need for them to reach out to a recruiter for every single question.

Rio is able to determine a wide range of information from candidates through qualifying questions so that recruiters are in a much more knowledgeable position once they meet candidates face to face.

Tool #5 - AI Candidate Engagement

Candidate engagement is the high priority of recruitment in 2019, and AI is here to help with it. Instead of treating candidates like just another number, the trend has long been shifting toward treating them like customers.

That means the days of letting them slip into the ATS blackhole should long be gone. However, with the limited time that your recruiters have to try to stay on top of every single application, interview, follow-up etc., candidates inevitably get neglected.

AI helps you improve candidate engagement by giving your recruiters up to 35% of their time back. With that extra time, they can really treat your candidates like customers and ensure that communication with them is a top priority and that you really explain and sell your culture and brand to them.

Also, with the time savings that AI provides, recruiters can dive more into key engagement areas that AI can’t address during the interview like culture fit, career goals, selling your company more.

The best part is that each of these five solutions can be found in our feature-rich AI recruiting platform; we have worked hard to design Avrio AI to assist your recruitment process in the most comprehensive way possible.

Now is the time to give Avrio AI a try and see how it can really reshape your recruitment process and take it to the next level!