By Avrio Team • August 17, 2018

A QUICK CHECKLIST: Is An AI Talent Platform Right For You?

Is an AI Talent Platform Right for You? A Quick Checklist:

You may have heard about how AI talent platforms and chatbots have improved recruiting – helping organizations automate their top-of-the-funnel recruiting tasks, handling a variety of resume processing tasks, and helping candidates get much more out of their hiring experience.

Investing in AI can streamline your recruiting operation in a dramatic way, reducing your recruiter workload by up to 35% or more. However, you still may be uncertain on whether implementing it will be beneficial or not.

If any of the below recruiting problems resonate with you, there is a good chance that AI is worth exploring for your process:

  • You’re bogged down by repetitive tasks – Many repetitive tasks in recruiting such as initial resume processing and sending pre-qualification questions can be automated by AI. When you don’t have this tool available, your recruiters have to handle these tasks to the limit of their cognitive abilities. Only so many resumes can be reviewed each day; there is a limit to the number of candidates that can be spoken to.
  • You can’t find good enough talent – Despite your best efforts, perhaps the talent that you are hiring just isn’t performing the way you would like. This could be the result of many factors, some of which may include a lack of adequate pre-screening or incomplete interviews due to time constraints. These are all problems that an AI talent platform can help you solve through time-saving automation.
  • You have a large database (ATS/CRM) and good candidates are lost in the data – You have found that you simply don’t have the time to sort through the huge volume of resumes that have been pouring into your ATS or recruiting CRM for every open position. You are losing out on qualified candidates because you aren’t taking a careful look at every resume. AI-driven screening ensures every resume gets a fair chance.
  • Time to fill each position is too long – What’s worrisome is that despite technological advancements, the average hiring time has increased for many industries in recent years. The longer a position is open, the more that it often costs to make a hire. This means that your company could be paying significantly more than necessary for each hire, when using AI can speed things up dramatically and save valuable resources.
  • Not able to get back to candidates quickly enough – A 2017 CareerBuilder survey found that over half of job seekers were disappointed by a lack of communication at the start of the hiring experience. Over 80% said continual status updates would improve their hiring experience. However, most recruiting teams simply don’t have enough time to respond to every candidate question quickly. AI chat bots can handle many of these communication needs and answer questions proactively to keep candidates engaged.
  • You have poor candidate experience feedback – Candidate feedback data is extremely valuable for the improvement of your hiring experience. If you have noticed that your candidate feedback is regularly low, due to stated factors such as a lack of communication or a feeling of being rushed or overlooked, there’s a lot that AI can do to address those candidate needs.

If you have found your recruiting department regularly dealing with one or more of the above-mentioned problems, you are not alone.

The huge amount of resume data in the global economy, the lack of time, the resources that are drained in the hiring process, and the importance of hiring transparency have all driven top organizations to start using AI in their recruitment.

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Using Avrio AI can solve the above-mentioned problems for your organization in several ways:

  • Instantly Analyzing Your Resumes – Avrio AI instantly handles the preliminary analysis of your resume data no matter how large the volume is. Avoid wasting time on reading resumes that lack your desired qualifications or deciphering different formats, while also ensuring that every resume in your ATS database is processed and covered.
  • Matching Candidates to Jobs – Avrio saves recruiters even more time by matching pre-qualified candidates to the right job through AI and machine learning – shortlisting a group of skilled candidates for each open position to speed up the interview process.
  • Innovative FitScore™ - Avrio AI’s FitScore™ is a set of algorithms that automatically analyze every aspect of each applicant’s candidacy for a position. The FitScore is projected as a simple number. This offers a quick, holistic and visual way for recruiters to sort through matched candidates and select the best fits prior to an interview.
  • Automating Candidate Engagement – 60% of candidates who are engaged throughout the process are likely to encourage others to apply at your company. Improve your candidate feedback scores and keep them interested through the use of an AI chat bot. Your candidates can ask a large range of questions about the position or your company and get accurate, immediate answers any time of the day or night.

This only briefly covers the potential of what a feature-rich AI talent platform like Avrio AI can do for you.

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