By Nachi Junankar • August 27, 2018

At Avrio AI We Put People First

At Avrio AI, we are designing our AI Talent Platform to put people first – to improve hiring experiences, enhance connections, increase corporate transparency, and reduce stress on both staff and candidates.

We started Avrio AI because we saw that modern recruiting remains broken and dysfunctional in many ways. Perhaps the biggest flaw is a lack of human connection due to time constraints.

It really isn’t the fault of any recruiting team. The modern global economy and digital ecosystem has created the perfect storm of hiring inefficiency that AI has presented an ideal solution to.

The overwhelming flow of potential candidates, the work required to sift through resumes, and the lack of time has led to tremendous amounts of stress on hiring departments.

That translates into rushed interactions, pressure to hire without a detailed consideration, and a pool of unsatisfied candidates. Candidates too frequently leave the process feeling disengaged or totally overlooked, or they are often mismatched with jobs that leave them deeply unhappy.

Viable candidates are not often funneled through the system at all due to bottlenecking. Recruiters often lose time speaking with prospects that should be ruled out, and thus have less time on engaging with the best potential fits.

Companies then struggle with the fallout; bad candidate experiences are bad for business, and up to 72% of candidates share their negative experience on employer review websites.

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How does our AI Talent Platform remedy these issues?

AI-enhanced recruitment strategies improve the experience for everyone involved. Ironically, the very thing often labeled as lacking a human consideration is being utilized to put humans first.

Our AI talent platform streamlines your recruiting department, offering rapid resume processing to extract and simplify data, quickly pre-qualifying candidates for interviews, and covering resource draining processes that previously resulted in skilled candidates being ignored.

Our AI chat bot, Rio, engages candidates and maintains their interest so they do not feel lost in the shuffle. It offers instant detailed responses to important questions, and some degree of interaction so candidates feel less like a cog in a wheel and more like a valued consideration.

It is far superior than email, which requires manual replies and often results in delayed responses that drive talented candidates away.

Our AI-driven screening platform comprehensively and instantly processes every resume and creates a shortlist of the top talent. Thus, recruiters are able to focus more of their time on interacting with the most qualified candidates, fully evaluating their suitability for a position during in-person interviews or phone/video calls.

They can answer more relevant candidate questions, delve more into the unique aspects of their company culture and brand, and leave job seekers with a positive experience regardless of the outcome.

Recruiters get to do more of what they do best  developing human connections and spending enough time with candidates to make accurate and intuitive hiring decisions. While our AI does what it does best – dealing with the redundant tasks of data processing and candidate pre-qualification.

Despite concerns about AI neglecting humans, we have successfully put people first in recruiting, and this trend will continue as our products improve and allow for more engaging hiring experiences than ever.

In the bigger picture, this aligns with our goal of unlocking the human potential through cutting-edge technology.

By bridging the current gap between recruiters and candidates, and contributing to a more accurate and positive hiring process, we are helping people realize their true potential.

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