By Jessica Demmer • October 15, 2018

Avrio AI: Speeding Up the Connection Between Recruiters and Candidates

For companies to stay competitive in the modern era, it’s of the utmost importance to ensure a positive and interactive candidate experience for everyone -- even the majority who aren’t going to be considered.

CareerBuilder found that 78% of job seekers cite the candidate experience as an indicator of how a company values its people. Candidate engagement (employer interaction, interviewing, company brand, reputation) was also rated as the area that was most likely to cause a poor candidate experience.

AI improves the candidate experience because it speeds up the connection between recruiters and candidates, eliminates unconscious biases, and improves response times. It has proven to be a valuable asset by helping recruiters avoid the communication lapses that drive candidates away.

The valuable time that AI saves recruiters can be put into improving candidate engagement and developing an attractive brand – two key areas that are proving to be essential to a competitive recruitment process this year and beyond.

The Dreaded Recruitment “Black Hole”


One of the most consistent candidate complaints is a lack of communication and interaction throughout the hiring process, aka the dreaded “black hole” in recruiting. Indeed found that the top pain point for candidates was the delay in waiting to hear back from a potential employer. They also found that 8% of candidates wait months to hear back regarding their status after an application has been submitted and 5% never hear back at all!

Candidates are often kept in the dark about a company, its hiring practices and culture, and the next stage of the process while stuck in this communication void. That can’t be good for reputation, especially when candidates share their negative recruiting experiences 66% of the time.

The “black hole” in recruiting isn’t a mystery and can be explained by one thing – a simple lack of time. Recruiters simply don’t have enough time to keep each candidate updated on their status and respond to other candidate concerns. This lack of transparency remains a critical issue in recruitment and affects nearly every candidate.

The recruitment black hole even results in skilled candidates being overlooked or leaving the process entirely before a phone interview. As unacceptable as this may be for many companies, their recruitment departments often find their hands tied due to limitations with their current systems.

How Avrio AI is the Solution

AI has filled the gap and allows candidates to interact with a company through sophisticated chatbots, get qualifying information and schedule interviews. AI allows recruiters to free themselves of redundant tasks such as resume screening and pre-interviews that can take up to 15 hours each 40-hour week or more. 

Avrio AI is the solution for many companies that have been looking for that key tool that can improve their engagement and free up valuable time. Our AI saves recruiters up to 35% of their time by automating a full range of tasks including shortlisting resumes and asking job specific questions.

Avrio’s chatbot, Rio improves engagement for any interested candidate, as recruiters simply don’t have the time to respond to every inquiry regarding a position. Rio asks a series of smart questions based on the candidate's background to determine how experienced a candidate is for the job's require skills. In addition, Rio provides answers to questions, directs candidates to resources, and even updates a candidate's profile with uncovered data. The average completed conversation yields a 23% increase in measurable data points that can be used to further qualify a candidate for a job.


Through our cutting-edge machine learning features, our AI gets better at what it does and becomes more efficient at finding the top talent from your ATS/CRM data. Meanwhile, your recruiters get to spend that extra 3+ hours per day on engaging their best candidates to make a strong impression.

There’s no reason why any candidate should have to wait weeks or months to hear back when you can use our AI to sort through thousands of applications in just minutes to narrow down the best fits. With a much faster screening and qualifying process, candidates who aren’t going to be considered can be informed quickly so they can move onto other opportunities instead of getting lost in the dreaded black hole.

We make the entire recruitment process more human by letting machines do what they are good at, letting people do what they are best at! For example, recruiters can spend more time on developing a more interactive interview process – perhaps with a company tour or more phone time to dedicate to highlighting your unique brand and why you stand out.

Avrio AI makes recruitment more human and interactive, and that goes a long way in an industry that desperately needs greater engagement and communication!

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