By Todd Buffum • November 8, 2018

Avrio AI's NEW Look

Avrio AI's New User Interface is Here!

This past September marked the second anniversary of our enterprise application hitting the market. Over these last two years, we’ve had the honor of working with some incredibly talented recruiters and early adopting companies. We wouldn’t be where we are without the insightful, honest and creative feedback from our users. Avrio AI’s user base has been essential to providing us with the feedback, wisdom and encouragement to help reshape the recruitment landscape.

Avrio AI uses it's deep understanding of the job and candidate data to delivery instantaneous candidate matching. Our aim has always been to try and make sense of large amounts of complex data and deliver it in a digestible form to our users. As we monitored usage and shadowed customers a trend revealed itself: we needed to recalibrate the balance between data and design.

Armed with this insight and the support of our user-base, we set out in Q3 to rebuild our interface from the ground up. 

It started with an MVP

When Avrio AI first launched, our primary focus was to surface critical candidate insights to talent professionals. We knew that if our system could automatically recommend accurate candidate matches in a fraction of the time a human could, than the matter in which these results were presented was of secondary importance. As our matching vision evolved into user successes, we wanted to reprioritize design and launch an interface that aligned with our belief -- recruiting made simple

The summer hiring lull, that typically occurs for most businesses in Q3, offered an ideal opportunity for the product, design, UX, and engineering team to focus on advancing our user interface.

Our tech design backbone

At our core, we are solving the tangible problems recruiters are facing in identifying and engaging top talent. Our product design is crucial to making sure that recruiters enjoy their time within Avrio AI and get the most out of our platform.

Our first step was to spend countless hours conducting recruiter interviews, gathering feedback from customer success, and running user experience tests (shout out to Sketch and Alongside this research; product and engineering wrestled with how to create a structured visual language that unified the experience across every device.

Avrio AI’s 2.1 app was rebuilt in Angular 6 and uses one of the world’s largest design concepts, backed by Google. This design concept delivers a consistent, industry backed user experience and unifies our UX across all platforms. It's fast. Clean. And adaptableMaterial Design also provides an essential set of responsive frameworks for which to build a highly data rich application. It’s flexible, mobile friendly and fast.

And we can’t wait to take you inside.

Let us show you around!

We’re tackling the tough challenge of surfacing candidates that meet your job requirements, are interested in making a career move and are engaged with the matched opportunity. Our results show, that recruiters using Avrio AI are more productive with their time and are significantly lowering their time-to-fill rates. We'll take you behind the scenes, to show you how our latest design makes recruiting even more efficient:

Do less data entry

Data entry consistently tops the charts of the most disliked tasks amongst recruiters. This is especially true when separate systems call for repetitive data entry. Avrio AI has worked tirelessly to relieve recruiters of data entry tasks. Our system not only ingests all the information from your ATS but our updated design presents it in a clearer, more organized fashion for you.

Imbedded within this new UI rollout is Avrio's simple 3-step job setup process: 

  1. auto-population of job requirements
  2. system generated screening questions
  3. automated candidate outreach


Job setup has never been easier. Our system automatically extracts all job requirements and recommends additional skills and experience levels based on similar jobs.


After our machines extracts the necessary job requirements, a series of smart-screening questions are populated from these requirements and understanding we have from similar positions.

ScreeningQuestions Gif

Now that the requirements and screening questions have been generated, it’s time to define who should receive the invite. Avrio will recommend a set of top candidates to reach out to, eliminating the need to play phone tag with prospects. 

In just three short steps, Avrio has defined the crucial requirements for the job, identified the critical questions to ask on behalf of the recruiter and pinpointed who should receive the screening invites. And the best part is, Rio will complete all the pre-screening on your behalf without any additional work from the recruiter. 

Rio acts as your recruiting assistant. It will contact your top candidates, confirm their interest/availability and fill any requirement gaps in their profile.

AllThreeSteps Gif

Reinventing Recruiting

Our purpose is to make recruiting more effective, efficient and fair for recruiters and job seekers. That purpose is what drives everything we do at Avrio AI. Our team strives to make sure recruiters continue to be wow’d by our offering and the results we delivery. Our brand and product will continue to mature as the challenges facing the recruitment industry evolve. But our dedication to excellence and results will remain unchanged. This latest interface evolution is just the beginning of our focus on redesigning what recruitment looks like.

[Infographic: How AI Improves Key Steps in Recruiting]

As the shape of work changes - so does Avrio AI. 

Schedule a demo and let us show you how our new interface can make it even easier for you to reach your hiring goals!