By Jessica Demmer • May 29, 2019

How AI Can Help You Avoid these 5 Undesirable Recruiting Situations

Today, AI is capable of transforming your recruiting process almost overnight – not only by helping it move faster but also ensuring that communication, engagement, and overall quality are improved.

The negative consequences of an inefficient recruiting process (and there are many, especially in the modern era) can be compelling factors to consider adopting AI.

For example, poor candidate engagement often turns into brand, reputation and even revenue damage.

Inefficiency or errors with resume screening can lead to incompatible hires or candidates who are missing the key skills needed for their position.

Below are 5 highly undesirable recruiting situations that can lead to a host of problems for your company and how AI has already proven to be effective at directly solving them.

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Situation #1 – A Horde of Angry Candidates

Your company brand and culture are everything at a time when the competition for top candidates is higher than ever. The last thing you want to deal with is a horde of angry candidates who could be upset about a multitude of issues related to inefficient recruiting.

For example, the Undercover Recruiter found that 40% of candidates experience an unacceptable time lapse from initial contact to a follow-up conversation. 60% of candidates also don’t get regular updates on the status of their application.

AI can prevent this problem by assisting your recruiters with proactive and efficient communication. Our AI chat bot Rio can engage your candidates to handle pre-interviews and integrates with your ATS so you can always keep them informed of their status.

Our AI recruiting platform also enables your recruiters to engage candidates and communicate more by freeing up to 35% of their time or more.

The automation that AI can provide in terms of notifications, resume screening, pre-interviews and shortlist creation will go a long way in ensuring your candidates are satisfied with your communication and overall process, whether they are hired or not.


Situation #2 – Incompatible Hires Who Don’t Fit Your Culture

Most recruiters would agree that hires who don’t mesh with their company’s culture aren’t going to be the most productive employees. However, that problem is almost inevitable when you rely on manual processes for the areas of your recruiting that can now be managed by AI.

This is because recruiting departments can easily get overwhelmed by the constant juggling of responsibilities – one of the main reasons why recruiters still only spend a few seconds reviewing each resume they receive.

Being swamped means that you just don’t have the time to really sell or explain your company’s unique culture, including your highest priorities in terms of values, communication, mission, work environment, charitable interests and so much more.

Avrio AI can fully manage your resume screening, shortlist creation, and pre-interviews so that you can spend the time necessary to fully describe your company’s culture and find candidates who will match the best with it.

Situation #3 – Candidates Who Consistently Lack Desired Skills

Just like cultural incompatibility, candidates can work their way into your company without really having the full set of necessary skills for the job when you’re pressed for time.

This problem is more common than you might think and can have a subtle yet damaging effect on your organization’s productivity.

Mistakes are inevitable when reviewing resumes for just a few seconds, including shortlisting candidates who really don’t have the skillset to perform at a high level.

One of Avrio AI’s top advantages is how our talent platform utilizes machine learning to suggest preferred skills that may be relevant to a new position.

By analyzing thousands upon thousands of similar jobs, Avrio suggests skills you may have overlooked or didn’t think about. That feature results in shortlists with higher numbers of highly skilled candidates who are better matched for your job.

In addition, our AI chat bot Rio can ask candidates about desirable skills they may have left off their resume so that you get a comprehensive picture of their capabilities even before the first interview.

The end result is that your candidates, and in turn employees, have a much higher likelihood of having the skillset needed to contribute great things to your company!

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Situation #4 – Candidates Who Aren’t Committed for the Long-Term

When your recruiting moves at light speed it isn’t always a good thing – it’s helpful to have the top of the recruiting funnel automated with AI – but other areas really need a human touch.

If you’re looking for someone to grow with your company in the long term, before you make a hire, it’s often beneficial to spend as much time as possible with the candidate to ensure they’re really in it for the long haul. Figuring this out can be tricky.

There is a lot you can do to assess candidates for their commitment ahead of the hire, but it all takes time. Examples include behavioral interviews, questions centered around commitment, and non-verbal assessments of motivation.

With so much at stake with each hire, and the huge cost of having to replace employees, it absolutely makes sense to automate your initial recruiting steps with AI.

You can then spend a little more effort in figuring out which candidates want to really stick around and help your company grow.

Situation #5 – A Negative Employer Brand

This point almost brings us full circle back to point #1 – a negative recruiting brand is often a result of a horde of angry candidates.

We have previously discussed how consistently bad candidate experience doesn’t just result in a sinking reputation among potential employees. It can also hit your bottom line hard.

LinkedIn found that a negative employer brand can result in a revenue hit of up to $7.6 million for companies with 10,000 or more employees.

And, don’t assume that your company would be safe if it’s smaller – a negative recruiting brand can hurt small companies just as much if not more in terms of revenue percentage.

There are many reasons why the damage can extend to your revenue, including the fact that many companies have candidates who are also consumers of their products or services, and the fact that consumers now Google candidate and employee reviews.

Regardless, you want to keep your employer brand sparkling, and the best way to do that is through a streamlined, highly engaging and communicative process.

Avrio AI will help you accomplish that and so much more with your recruiting, so you don’t ever run into the nightmare scenarios mentioned above (among others).

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