By Jessica Demmer • February 28, 2019

Client Story: How AI is helping Copenhagen Capacity solve their recruiting challenges

 Who They Are

Copenhagen Capacity is Greater Copenhagen's official organization for investment, promotion and business development. They support foreign companies, investors and talent in setting up and doing business in Copenhagen. 

The Problem

Copenhagen capacity is publicly and privately funded. Their goal is to promote growth within Greater Copenhagen. They do this by attracting both foreign talent and companies to move to the region, showing how it is an exciting work destination. Alex Knowles, the Talent Manager at Copenhagen Capacity is leading their recruitment team.

Why AI Was the Solution

The backbone of Copenhagen Capacity’s talent department’s business is the giant database that they have been building over the past few years. They have a database of 6,000 qualified candidates motivated to work in Greater Copenhagen. Alex’s team then reaches out to each candidate with relevant jobs that appear to be a good fit.

As you can imagine, with a small team, it is hard to do this at scale with traditional automation and recruitment practices. The main issue that Alex and her team run into, is engaging candidates with relevant jobs in a timely manner. The only way they have been able to scale their process in the past is through a generic company newsletter.

The problem with their previous process: A lot of candidates fell through the cracks, creating a negative candidate experience. Even with everyone on her team working as hard as they could, there was simply not enough time in the day create a personalized outreach for each candidate.

Alex knew there had to be a better way to scale her operation without sacrificing the candidate experience. Her hunt for the right AI solution was sparked;

“We really thought there was a lot of potential with using an AI [solution] that could be contacting these people with really really relevant they do not leave and go to another competitive city.”

How They Chose Avrio AI

Alex’s search for the right solution took over 9 months! She did research all over the world trying to find the right AI solution. Why?

“I think we are a little unique in the way we do recruitment. So I was looking for somebody that was very flexible but also had the opportunity of both having the matching AI and chatbot.” - Alex Knowles.

Alex was looking for more than just a basic sourcing or chatbot tool to solve her problem. She needed a robust solution that would quickly find the right people and then reach out to them with personalized and detailed conversations. Finding a vendor that was flexible but also had both AI matching and chatbot capabilities was paramount.

That is where Avrio AI stood out from the competition. Not only does our platform match the right candidates to the right job, our chatbot Rio engages candidates with personalized, dynamic and entirely machine driven conversations to screen and engage them about the job.

Our solution checked all the boxes for Alex and her team.

The Results

We created a customized integration to work with Copenhagen Capacity’s multiple ATSes (applicant tracking system) in order to create a streamlined process for Alex and her team.

Before Avrio AI, Alex and her team had to spend most of their day identifying candidates for open jobs and manually reach out to each candidate. They relied on company newsletters to engage candidates and as a result the candidate experience suffered. This method did not live up to the expectations that Alex wanted for her candidates. She wanted every candidate to receive a personalized message and a job that fit their profile.

With Alex’s eye for innovation and problem solving, Avrio AI was clearly the solution that she had been searching for.

The result, Alex now has instantly matched, screened and engaged candidates as soon as she logs into the platform. Her team can now spend their time conducting interviews and selling the candidates on the job.

Here is what Alex had to say about her future outlook with Avrio:

"I’m really excited to have better relationships with our candidates. Have it be more positive and obviously get more people into jobs."

Avrio AI drastically speeds up her operation, increasing company profits and accelerating her ability to bring the right people into Copenhagen for their dream jobs.

WATCH Copenhagen Capacity’s full story here

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