By Jessica Demmer • March 1, 2019

How AI Helps Recruiters Do Their Job Better

AI is Great for Recruiters and Helps Them Do Their Job Better

Although many misconceptions about AI have been cleared, the word itself still sparks fear in some recruiters who are concerned that AI implementations might affect their job security.

However, the majority of recruiters, 86% in total, believe that AI will not be able to take away their jobs.

14% still believe AI is coming for their jobs, maybe because of the fact that AI certainly will replace some jobs in some industries in the next few years, however it is expected by Gartner to create many more new jobs than it replaces.

Every industry is different when it comes to how AI will impact it. In recruiting, AI is not expected to replace recruiter jobs but rather facilitate their efficiency.

At Avrio, we believe AI will help recruiters do their jobs better than ever.

First, we are here to reassure you that your jobs are safe for several reasons:

  • As we have discussed previously, AI cannot replace the human element of recruiting that is so important to candidates – building human relationships that lead to great hires.
  • By eliminating the work required for manual resume review, AI has a direct benefit for recruiters who have hiring quotas to meet in fast-moving industries like staffing.
  • Faster resume processing means more time for candidates. That translates to greater engagement and more positive experiences, which reflect positively on recruiters.
  • AI accelerates the overall process, allowing for more resources to be spent on improving the candidate experience and for recruiters to focus more on brand growth.

AI will help you perform your job better

AI will not be competing with you for your job if you are a recruiter, it helps you perform your existing job at a higher level.

Most recruiters will agree that the low-level tasks of resume reviewing and initial screening are not what makes a recruiter outstanding. Rather it’s their ability to sell the company brand, connect with top candidates and that somewhat mysterious human intuition that can identify when a candidate will be a good fit.

Those skills among many others will never be replaced by AI. Instead, AI accelerates the process up to 35%, by automating the time that recruiters spend on resume matching and conducting phone screens so they can submit better candidates faster and win more business. 

The end result is happier candidates, a more streamlined hiring process, and the ability for recruiters to not just meeting hiring quotas at a faster rate than ever, but also build stronger relationships with each candidate.

Where will you find the time for greater candidate engagement? With the help of AI!

Whether a candidate chooses your company or not, one thing is clear, you need to be investing more into personal and emotional engagement to ensure they walk away with a positive experience.

Where are busy recruiters going to find the time to take their recruiting a step further? 

The answer is AI – the extra 12+ hours per week that it can immediately free up can be put to good use in a multitude of ways.  

AI is a Win-Win for Both Recruiters and Candidates

Candidates get a much more personalized, transparent experience before they make their final decision, while recruiters also get a more holistic view of each candidate and more time to focus on building relationships and selling them on the job. 

Rest assured that AI won’t be taking recruiting jobs anytime soon – we believe in letting machines do what they are good at and let people do what they are best at!

It’s a synergistic, highly productive result that occurs once you adopt AI. Check out one of our recent case studies to get a firsthand view of how incredibly impactful it can be for your company right now.

Try Avrio for yourself by scheduling a demo anytime or reach out to us today with any questions or concerns at all!