By Jessica Demmer • March 19, 2019

How AI is Bringing the Human Element Back to Recruiting

How AI is bringing the human element back to recruiting

Artificial intelligence is helping companies stay more competitive than ever by bringing back the human element in recruiting. 

Most organizations have the recruiting goal of getting the right people into the right jobs at the right time. Yet presently, many staffing professionals continue to struggle with doing exactly that.

In particular, a lack of time and resources results in candidates being neglected or communication lapses. Also, many companies continue to lack recruiting branding strategies to draw in new talent, with just 36% of recruiters saying they are using branding strategies.

On top of this, recruiters are finding it harder than ever to source talent due to increasing competition, with 67% of 400 recruiters saying their job is more difficult than it was 5 years ago, and 62% saying that it is now tougher to find quality candidates than it was 5 years ago.

Current problems with the traditional recruiting process:

  • Many companies will wait over a week for an initial response to a new applicant.

  • Recruiters only have 5-6 seconds to review a single resume, and that review is often subconsciously biased.

  • Great candidates may have the skills and qualifications companies are seeking, but their resumes can be completely overlooked by a recruiter if they aren’t formatted in a readable way.

  • 8% of candidates wait months to hear back on their application status, and 5% never hear back!

  • Recruiters are spending an average of 25 hours of their 40 hour week on the phone, yet there are massive delays in communication across the industry.

Unfortunately, this is just a brief list of all of the problems that have made recruiting less human and more challenging than ever before.

To address the above problems in recruiting, an industry trend has been to treat candidates like customers. We have discussed this previously in our blog about why the candidate experience matters so much, and we covered some of the negative results that can occur when candidates are neglected.

Treating candidates like customers means more interaction, faster responses, more attention, and greater communication throughout the hiring process. It means the highest level of respect and regard to candidate needs.

Most companies wouldn’t wait several days to get back to a customer. They would prioritize them at the highest level. AI can assist your company by accelerating the recruitment process, allowing recruiters to focus more on the "human element" of recruiting."

Why AI is the solution

At Avrio AI we believe in letting machines do what they are good at, and letting people do what they are best at! 

Our AI recruitment platform is designed to help increase recruiter efficiency so recruiters can find the best candidates and fill jobs faster than ever.

  • Understandably, every single candidate can’t be spoken to directly by recruiters. However, through AI, qualified candidates can get a personalize, dynamic, and entirely machine driven conversation with our screening chatbot 'Rio'. Get answers to knock-out questions, availability and preference insights before ever picking up the phone.

  • Our AI algorithms are used to automate the time-consuming tasks of resuming screening and candidate matching so that recruiters can interact more with top candidates and get them genuinely excited about the opportunity!

  • Avrio AI instantly scores candidates against each job, providing an unbiased list of the top talent already existing in the ATS. Instead of spending time and money on sourcing, recruiters can utilize the data that they already have at their disposal. 

This is a win for your company in so many ways because the number of quality submittals will increase, candidate engagement will improve and you are maximizing the value of your existing ATS data which you have invested thousands of dollars in.

As soon as a new job opens up, you can rest assured that your response time and engagement will be top notch, and that matters when hiring is more competitive than ever.

In the modern era, candidates need to be treated like customers, not just another applicant. Want candidates to love your company? You need to build a strong employment brand.

That means communicating with candidates through personalized and timely conversations about the opportunity, their past experiences and how your company will help them accomplish their own career goals. 

Our AI solution helps you do that by giving your recruiters 35% of their time back by offloading tasks like resume screening and pre-interview phone screens. This drastically accelerates the process which allows recruiters to sell the job to top candidates. 

[Infographic: How AI Improves Key Steps in Recruiting]

Should you use AI to make your recruiting more human?

The evidence suggests that you absolutely should! We can’t say it enough, AI is not here to take recruiting jobs or compete with your human recruiters; it is here to help you streamline your recruiting operation so that you can find the best candidates faster!

Even in the challenging modern digital era where resumes fly in the door and your ATS data can quickly grow to enormous levels, AI can help you manage it all in an efficient way so that no candidate ever leaves your hiring process feeling neglected.

So now is a better time than ever to give Avrio AI a test drive to see just how it can make your hiring process faster and more engaging – in essence more human!