By Jeff Paquette • October 12, 2018

How Artificial Intelligence Improves Key Steps in Recruiting

As a recruiter,  you’re bogged down with resumes and are spending way too much time on the phone. 

Or perhaps your ATS is falling short when it comes to helping you quickly pinpoint those top candidates.

Artificial Intelligence will make things a whole lot easier on you, but it’s not always obvious how.

Understandably, recruiters want to know how AI is going to make what they do easier and more efficient compared to their Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Artificial intelligence offers a much more insightful and holistic view of each candidate, automates redundant tasks, and offers several next level capabilities that work alongside existing ATS.

A clear way to understand this is by starting with the key steps in the recruitment process that every recruiter is familiar with and demonstrating how AI makes them better.

AI has already improved most of the standard recruiting process from start to finish, along with exciting upcoming capabilities, outlined below:

AI Improves Recruiting Steps

[Infographic Download: How AI Improves Key Steps in Recruiting]

1.) Identifying the Vacancy

Identifying the vacancy and evaluating the need for the new position is typically the initial step in the selection and hiring process.

Through machine learning, AI takes your historical candidate data and becomes increasingly better at predicting outcomes.

Presently, AI is responsive to vacancies after they arise. In the future, as a result of machine learning and access to larger company-specific data sets, AI will have predictive capabilities. Yes, it will help HR departments proactively identify when and why they will have vacancies!

This will allow recruiters to start the process of preparing for vacancies before positions start to open up – with the potential to greatly minimize the current costly 44-day average job vacancy.

Although this is more of a future vision of AI in recruiting rather than a discussion of what’s possible now, it’s an exciting direction that AI is inevitably heading.

2.) Developing a Position Description and Recruitment Plan

After identifying the vacancy, developing a position description and recruitment plan are the next steps in the standard recruitment process.

These are strategic tasks handled by humans of course, however, an AI driven ATS can play a valuable role in providing helpful and accessible details about prior successful hires, including information about where they came from and what position descriptions worked the best.

This helps recruiters narrow down what is working well with their position descriptions and improve upon them. Recruiters can also pinpoint their most valuable candidate sources by reviewing AI created short lists and reports.

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3.) Selecting the Search Committee

Recruitment departments have very limited time, there’s no doubt about that, the search committee often has to be minimal in size. That's if a company even has the resources to put a team together. Any tool that saves time for the search team by working with existing data is always welcome. 

An AI talent platform like Avrio AI provides a low-cost and effective addition to a sourcing committee that excels at maximizing the data that is already available within a company’s ATS database.

The search for the new hire doesn’t necessarily have to go very far when there are existing quality candidate leads that can be easily reviewed with AI. This means lower costs all around, and a reduction in the $4,129 average cost-per-hire across every industry.

4.) Reviewing Applicants and Developing a Shortlist

With recruiters spending an average of 3.5 hours reviewing resumes each day and screening candidates, this step is unquestionably one of the most time consuming.

This is also where AI has already proven to be the most useful at eliminating unnecessary and repetitive steps. Even when the resume count is in the many thousands, an AI talent platform will never be bottlenecked, allowing for a more expansive and completely unbiased candidate search.

An AI talent platform like Avrio AI will quickly shortlist suitable candidates for a new position with a clear numerical FitScore -- even as new resumes inevitably start to pile in after a position advertisement.


5.) Conducting Screening Interviews

Recruiters spend an average of 25 hours per week on the phone which is a massive time drain! Many of those phone meetings are preliminary screening interviews that can be easily handled with the assistance of an AI chat bot like Avrio’s Rio.

Using an AI chat bot allows recruiters to spend more time on in-person interviews and reduce a major source of time wastage. Follow up interviews are scheduled, and candidates remain engaged and can learn about the company.

When recruiters are able to speak with candidates on the phone, they have been pre-screened by the bot, supplementary resume information has already been requested, and they have a much more comprehensive picture of the candidate prior to the discussion.

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6.) Selecting the Hire

Although this is the final decision of the recruiter and company of course, AI currently speeds up almost every step that is required to get here.

Regardless of the number of candidates for a position and the urgency of the need, the entire process can be streamlined with the assistance of AI. Recruiters get to improve the candidate experience for the shortlist of highly skilled, talented candidates.

Meanwhile, every resume gets equal consideration and no stone is left unturned during the search. This is all possible right now with AI.

On top of that, with so many exciting new features awaiting with predictive capabilities through machine learning, it’s the perfect time to consider adopting AI for your recruiting practices.

Give countless hours back to your recruiters each week and lower their workload by up to 35% or more, so they can spend more time on what matters and makes you competitive – engaging your best candidates and building your unique culture!

That’s the power of AI in recruiting and it’s only going to get better.

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