By Todd Buffum • November 15, 2018

How Avrio AI is Battling Bias in Hiring

Hiring Manager Evaluation Portal

Riding the back of our app redesign announcement last week, we are excited to unveil the release of a major new feature that’s geared towards simplifying hiring manager evaluation. Recruiters not only have the challenge of wrangling candidates but often times tracking down hiring managers is equally as challenging. So we brought hiring managers into the Avrio platform to ease the flow of communication and standardize internal candidate evaluation.

You can watch our Hiring Manager Feature in action here.

Let’s talk about benefits:

  1. Simplify the handoff of quality submittals to hiring managers

  2. Anonymize the candidate data for bias free evaluation

  3. Standardized evaluation mechanism, which further trains Rio and improves candidate matching

    [Infographic: How AI Improves Key Steps in Recruiting]


Feedback Collection Made Easy

The immediate benefit recruiters will see with our new Hiring Manager module, is that collecting bias-free feedback from hiring managers has never been easier. Once our chatbot Rio has completed the pre-qualification, recruiters can pass these candidates off to a hiring manager simply by selecting their top prospects and adding a hiring manager’s email.

The shortlist of candidates is immediately sent to a hiring manager’s inbox. Avrio’s Hiring Manager shortlist can be accessed with a single click, no intensive sign up process or repeat login needed. Making the evaluation of candidates painless for hiring managers.

HM send Gif - post

Anonymized Candidate View

Hiring Managers will have access to a candidate portal, that highlights top prospects and streamlines their review process. Candidate information that is potential bias creating like name, age, address or institution name are redacted by Avrio, to ensure evaluations of candidates are solely based on merit. This not only safeguards the candidate’s from unintentional bias but helps talent teams meet internal compliance regulations.

Our data redaction process is done automatically, so there’s no need to manually alter resumes before delivering to a hiring manager. With just one click, your top candidate’s are anonymized and delivered directly to the hiring manager for their review!

The hiring manager module delivers reviewers all of the critical candidate information to make an evaluation; such as, candidate FitScore, full candidate scorecard, anonymized resume and Rio’s screening transcript! See how much easier gathering your team’s feedback is when it’s centralized within Avrio and can be delivered with a single click.

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Candidate Evaluation

Once a hiring manager has reviewed the shortlist of candidates, they can rank their fit on a 1-10 scale and provide specific written feedback about what they liked and didn’t like about the candidate.

Hiring Manager feedback is critical to the continued training of our candidate matching. The feedback provided both from hiring managers and recruiters provides additional training data to improve our matching models.

The hiring manager feedback is sent back to recruiters instantly, allowing the job owner to take action on advancing this candidate, rejecting or recommending to another position.

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See how a streamlined, anonymized and machine enhanced hiring manager review can make recruiting more effective, efficient and fair.

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