By Avrio Team • May 7, 2019

[INSIDE] reasons to Invest in AI Recruiting Technology

5 Reasons to Invest in AI Recruitment Technology

AI might not be the first thing that you think of when it comes to improving your recruiting.

That is quickly changing as the advantages of leveraging AI in recruiting become clearer than ever.

Today, 80% of firms are investing in AI. They are transforming their recruiting practices to be faster, less biased, and more aligned with candidate needs than ever.Here are some of the top reasons why you might also consider investing in AI recruitment technology in the near future:

#1 - To Save Your Organization Money

For many executives, the numbers are what matters when it comes to implementing a new technology.

AI has proven itself to be incredibly valuable time and time again in recruiting.

AI is certain to save your organization money by freeing up to 35% of your recruiters’ time, giving up to $510 back per week for a recruiter on a $70k salary.

Recruiters also spend an average of 78,352 minutes on the phone each year! Much of that time is spent on pre-interviews or initial screening which can both be handled amazingly well right now by Avrio AI.

And if you adopt AI, your recruiters’ jobs are not in any danger because there is probably so much more they can be doing to increase engagement for your top candidates, improve communication, strategize to keep your recruitment practices competitive, and build your unique culture.

#2 – To Utilize Your ATS Data Efficiently

Many companies rely on broken recruiting practices.

Job openings arise, often with an urgent need to fill them,  jobs are often posted externally, candidates may have to jump through several hoops to get noticed, and then a stream of resumes begin piling into an ATS, with very little time devoted to reviewing any of them.

This type of practice leads to many unhappy yet highly qualified candidates who are neglected during the hiring process, while a small number get an honest look.

AI has changed this to allow for internal hiring as a first resort, which makes much more sense. There are numerous benefits to hiring internally first for a new job, including reducing the average time to hire for each job as well as the cost per hire.

Rather than having to scramble to look outside your organization for new “cold” candidates, it’s much more efficient to utilize the candidate data you already have spent considerable resources on acquiring!

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 10.17.00 AMAvrio AI allows you to leverage this resource in a moment’s notice, and even acquire additional information about those candidates with automated AI driven chatbot interviews. This way you can find those hidden “silver medalist” candidates in your ATS who would otherwise be ignored entirely.

#3 – To Make Your Interviews More Effective and Less Biased

A recent study found that global hiring managers aren’t all that confident in the traditional interview. 63% of them believe that traditional interviews fail to assess soft skills, and 42% said that interviewer bias affects the interview.

How can you improve the traditional interview and address these concerns? AI recruitment technology directly address these top interview concerns.

Our AI helps your recruiters evaluate and score candidates based on their skills for a particular position, their experience and other relevant criteria. Your hiring managers can prioritize which skills are the most and least important for a particular position.

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 10.18.30 AM

We can even use our Conversational AI chatbot to collect information on additional desirable skills that the candidate may not have listed on their resume.

This capability allows you to quickly determine which candidates have the qualifications to perform a job so that recruiters can spend more time to assess the soft skills that are necessary for long-term success and a culture fit.

AI also helps you eliminate biases from your hiring process through a totally unbiased initial selection. Avrio AI builds shortlists based on desired skills and other resume qualifications related to the job, while irrelevant data like name, age, gender, etc. are ignored.

The result is that the candidates who get to the interview stage are selected based on being an excellent potential fit and nothing else. From there, subconscious bias can further be eliminated through using a structured, standardized interview process, work sample tests and other measures.

#4 – To Build Your Company Culture

Company culture matters now more than ever. Studies consistently find that a top reason why employees leave their company is due to a lack of culture fit.

AI has been used as a preferred method to help companies develop their corporate culture in many ways.

For one, it takes recruiter involvement in corporate culture in order to develop and define it, and then sell it to potential candidates. AI saves recruiters over 3 hours per day so they have that extra time to develop and maintain that unique culture.

Recruiters and HR professionals can spend more time determining what their current employees like the most about their jobs and providing them more of those opportunities while doing their best to eliminate the things they like the least.

With the extra time that AI provides, recruiters and HR professionals can work collaboratively with existing employees to create a desirable company culture that attracts and keeps employees for the long term. Recruiters will also have more time to fully explain their culture to candidates.

#5 – To Help Your Recruiters Do What They Are Best At

Our philosophy is to let machines do what they are good at, and let people do what they are best at.

If you plan on utilizing AI, we want you to do so for the main purpose of freeing up your recruiters’ schedule so they can focus on engaging top candidates and selling them on the job!

With the efficiency and speed that AI will immediately bring to your recruiting, there is no doubt that it will allow your recruiters to focus on what they excel at and free themselves of the most mind-number tasks that can be handled very well by machines.

67% of staffing professionals believe that AI will help them and not harm them. The majority of recruiters are welcoming AI, especially now that it is becoming obvious how AI works in a synergistic way to improve your current recruiting strategy.

Give Avrio a test drive today and see the positive impact it will make right now!