By Jessica Demmer • September 25, 2018

Maximize the Value of Your ATS with Avrio AI

Applicant tracking systems often get a bad rap because they are clunky, difficult for candidates to deal with, and can result in new bottlenecks. For every problem they solve, a new one can seem to sprout up.

Highly qualified candidates for key jobs are often overlooked because of resume data accumulation. What’s worse is that you likely won’t ever find them because of the time it takes to sort through it all. Your application process can also become static and disengaging, making candidates feel neglected. Or it can be filled with so many hurdles or bugs that talented candidates quit long before they finish.

The sad truth is that for many companies, the ATS is where candidate data often goes to die rather than be seen! That is counterproductive to say the least and totally defeats the purpose of an ATS.

With an AI talent platform, you can enjoy the efficiency benefits that your ATS brings while also minimizing the shortcomings that result in candidate data entering the ATS graveyard or qualified applicants dropping out due to discouragement.

80% of job seekers described their search as stressful and time consuming, and 60 percent said they would be discouraged from completing their application if they encountered tech hurdles. How do you keep things streamlined and maximize the value of your ATS while improving your hiring process? AI is a clear solution.

You need a highly efficient and user-friendly application/hiring process to stay competitive, and AI provides that, along with the ability to constantly mine your data for talented, overlooked candidates as positions open.

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A Good ATS Can Be Made Better with AI

It’s easy for the data in your ATS to start to pile up and become stale. It’s a common occurrence with the deluge of data that many organizations are dealing with, from their ATS to their CRM and many other sources.

In the modern era, a good ATS often isn’t enough because the level of sophistication, reporting, and data processing falls short. As the volume of data and resumes increases, many of the above-mentioned issues start to arise more frequently.

Don’t get us wrong, a good ATS is highly valuable despite the shortcomings you may be presented with. They help maintain and centralize your database as your company grows, assist with communication, and help recruiters keep track of every applicant.

Those features are made even better with AI tools like Avrio, along with the introduction of all-new capabilities. With seamless integration into the most widely used applicant tracking systems (Bullhorn, Lever, Taleo, Salesforce, etc.) Avrio AI immediately transforms your recruitment into a dynamic living process.

How Avrio AI Makes Your ATS So Much Better

Avrio AI’s artificial intelligence talent platform fixes the big problems with your ATS to make it the valuable hiring process facilitator it was meant to be.  

  • Our AI talent platform uncovers those hidden “silver-medalist” in your database, highly valuable candidates that would otherwise be ignored and swooped up by another company.
  • It does so by analyzing every active and passive candidate in your database for their suitability for any open jobs. This means that you are able to comprehensively fill any existing or new jobs using your existing database, from top to bottom, as a first resort. This saves the need to source additional candidates in many situations and maximizes the utility of your existing data.
  • Your candidates are provided with an intuitive FitScore (0-100) that describes their suitability for an open job. Our AI chatbot Rio automatically reaches out to these candidates based on a threshold that you set for the Fitscore. Pre-qualifying questions are asked along with knock-out questions to eliminate the need for time consuming phone screening.
  • Of course, some of the resume data you have may be outdated or irrelevant for a particular job. But not to worry, if a candidate leaves something important off their resume, our AI chatbot will help with that as well! Rio can advise candidates on filling resume gaps to improve their profile and provide supplementary data.
  • With Rio, you’re able to get additional specific information about a candidate’s suitability that isn’t provided on their resume. This offers an average of a 23% increase in measurable data from a completed conversation, providing you with a holistic view of each candidate without necessitating your intervention at all!

Why Switch to AI Now For Your ATS?

The sooner that you integrate AI into your ATS, the further ahead you’ll be from the competition. Our AI talent platform and chat bot evolves and gets better and better at finding those “hidden gem” candidates in your database, filling open positions proactively, and pre-qualifying candidates with holistic information.

Your competition may already be using an AI talent platform. Whether they are or not, you can push your recruiting process ahead and turn that idle candidate data into an asset right now. If you wait, those talented candidates sitting in your database are going to be swooped up by other offers. You simply can’t afford to wait!

The investment you have made in your ATS and that data you have accumulated is substantial. You can turn it into a perpetual gold mine of viable candidates for your open jobs and save tremendous amounts of time on hunting for new candidates.

Avrio’s AI talent platform is exactly what you need to transform your ATS and recruitment process into something vibrant, dynamic, interactive and engaging for your candidates. You’ll never miss out on prime talent that would otherwise go unnoticed, while your candidates won’t miss out on amazing new job opportunities that they might be a perfect fit for.

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