By Jessica Demmer • April 3, 2019

Recruiting: Traditional Process Versus AI Powered Process

Traditional Recruiting Process VS. AI Powered Recruiting Process (infographic below)

Where AI has the biggest benefit in the traditional recruiting process:


  • Traditional: The average recruiter spends only 6 seconds screening a candidate's resume looking for key words.
  • AI Powered: An AI recruitment platform creates a deep skill profile for every candidate in your database instantly.


  • Traditional: In the traditional process, recruiters spend on average 95 minutes assessing a pre-screened candidate for a job.
  • AI Powered: In an AI powered process, a unified scoring system (FitScore) grades EVERY candidate for a job, in milliseconds.


  • Traditional: In a typical day, a recruiter spends 2 hours on the phone trying to engage and further screen candidates for an open job.
  • AI Powered: In a typical day, a conversational AI chatbot engages and screens millions of candidates simultaneously, 24/7.

Quality Submittals

  • Traditional: A great recruiter can submit 2 quality candidates a day.
  • AI powered: With Avrio AI, a recruiter can submit over 4 quality submittals a day for all jobs.

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Traditional process (1)-1

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