By Jessica Demmer • October 1, 2018

Seven Takeaways from SourceCon Atlanta

Avrio was thrilled to be a sponsor at SourceCon in Atlanta, Georgia last week where we demoed our our AI talent platform to leading recruiters and HR professionals across several industries.

Below is a quick recap and seven key takeaways from the event we would like to share:

1.) Employer Branding Was a Huge Topic

Employer branding continues to be a major concern for recruiters across the industry and was a huge topic at SourceCon!

This involves creating a hiring experience and work culture that is outstanding and unique. It also involves conveying that to each candidate during the recruitment process as a way to differentiate from competitors. LinkedIn found that 75% of job seekers will consider an employer’s brand before they even apply!

[Video: Watch Avrio AI's Live Interview with a Head of Talent from SourceCon]

2.) It’s a Candidate’s Market


With unemployment levels being at the lowest they have been in a long time (3.9% in August, near an 18-year low) it is currently a candidate’s market and they often get to choose where they work.

So, when everyone is fishing for the same talent, it’s helpful to have strategic advantages like Avrio AI that improve candidate experience through features like our AI chat bot, Rio. Through AI tools, companies can more easily connect with younger demographics (35 and below) and keep them interested from the very get-go to stay competitive.

3.) There Are Many New Tools for TA Professionals

There have been many new tools released recently for talent acquisition professionals. There was previously relatively little innovation taking place in talent acquisition, but it is now at the forefront of artificial intelligence applications.


The automation of repetitive tasks has freed up tremendous amounts of time for recruiters to improve the candidate experience. We are now entering an exciting new era in which the employer brand and candidates will be at the forefront of recruiting efforts!

4.) We Loved Participating in the Innovation Lab at SourceCon

IMG_0645 2

We participated in the Innovation Lab at SourceCon and it was awesome! The innovation lab showcased some of the best technology and tools that are available for recruiters to streamline their processes. We highlighted our AI talent platform which automates resume screening, job matching and candidate outreach to interested recruiters and were also excited to learn about some of the other tools that are out there.


5.) AI Can Be Used to Quickly Solve Sourcing Problems


One of the best and most cost-efficient first steps for companies with talent sourcing problems is to leverage AI tools first before spending larger amounts of resources to change their sourcing procedures.

AI tools can allow companies to quickly see where their current sourcing methods have been good, bad or average, and then utilize their current data to augment their sourcing. For example, Avrio AI allows organizations to rapidly analyze and transform their current stale data sitting in their ATS/CRM into clear potential matches for current and upcoming positions with our innovative FitScore.

6.) AI Tools Are Everywhere

There’s no doubt that AI tools are everywhere, so how exactly do you choose? One aspect we touched on at SourceCon was just how important it is to choose an authentic AI tool with machine learning capabilities. This way, it can continually improve upon itself for increasingly accurate job matching as it receives more and more data.

When deciding on a tool, it is a good idea to check if their staff has real data scientists (such as Avrio AI's Richard Mallah - and if that’s the case, the chances are that it’s the real deal.

Many tools have been inaccurately labeled with the term “AI” but lack machine learning capabilities and are only leveraging basic keyword-based searches and workflows. That means that these tools don’t have the capability to get better on their own, and they can even keep your recruitment process stagnant!

Don’t be fooled by the imitators, building a product with real machine learning is hard and requires a lot of data. Avrio AI is one of the few AI talent platforms with machine learning, and it makes a huge difference in how beneficial the tool is for your recruiting, both in the short and long term. Don't believe us? Schedule a demo today to see for yourself or email

7.) We Look Forward to Next Year’s SourceCon!


Overall, SourceCon was the perfect mix of innovative vendors and insightful sessions, making it truly rewarding for all who attended. The event was an amazing experience for Avrio AI, and we are all looking forward to attending next year’s SourceCon to share our latest features and see how our AI talent platform has continued to shape recruiting!  

If you didn’t get a chance to stop by our booth, contact us to find out what Avrio AI is all about -- Analyze, Match and Engage candidates like never before.