By Jessica Demmer • September 12, 2018

The NEW Way Organizations Hire people - See How At SourceCon September 25-26

Avrio AI is the NEW way organizations hire people.

At Avrio, we aim to make recruiting more productive, engaging and human with our AI Talent Platform by eliminating those boring repetitive tasks that can really sap your energy and cause candidates to feel neglected.  

We are nerdy AI savants who are passionate about our product – but not just the technical side. What we are really excited about is how our AI Talent Platform is being used to help recruiters make their hiring process much more interesting and enjoyable for everyone involved!

To demonstrate that to some of the world’s top recruiters, Avrio AI will be showcasing its latest AI Talent Platform at SourceCon Atlanta’s innovation lab this September 25-26th at the Westin Peachtree Plaza.

We want to continue to prove that our AI is built with your pain points in mind and will transform your recruitment into something dynamic and exciting!

  • See our talent platform’s ability to eliminate the time wastage from your process and allow you to create the type of enthusiastic recruiting experience candidates love.
  • Play around with our AI chatbot Rio and see how it can be used to create a painless and interactive hiring experience from the first moment a candidate submits their resume.
  • See how accurate our AI is at pre-screening candidates. Rank a candidate and then compare it to our AI-generated FitScore. How does your rank compare to ours?

To set up a meeting with us at SourceCon or for a live demo, be sure to Contact Us ahead of the convention.

Creating a More Dynamic Recruitment Process

Has your recruiting process started to become mundane, tiresome, and even unproductive because of the huge amount of resumes you’re sorting, limited time to pre-screen candidates, and other inefficiencies?

With the stress and overload that many recruiting departments deal with on a regular basis, there’s often a great pressure to get things done quickly. This leaves little time to build a great candidate experience and experiment with unconventional recruiting techniques.

However, the trend is shifting more than ever toward investing in an enjoyable hiring experience, with 78% of candidates who had a positive experience being likely to refer others.

Avrio AI's Talent Platform is here to assist with that. The human, interactive aspects of recruiting that our AI platform facilitates includes:  

  • Developing a creative, original recruitment process.
  • Designing engaging interview questions.
  • Interacting with candidates on social media.
  • Incorporating your higher ambitions and missions and conveying them to your candidates, such as service to others.
  • Spending more time with your top candidates on things like office tours, giving them the chance to meet with your employees, setting up recruitment events, etc.

Just think about one area of your current process that could be improved upon if you just had more time.

For example, wouldn’t you like to have the luxury of spending more time on social media to engage with interested candidates, keep your pages updated with events, content, polls, and the occasional meme?

Wouldn’t you like to be able to ask some fun, unique interview questions, just to break the ice a little and add some personality?

CNNMoney found some top organizations asking the following oddball questions:

  • “What did you have for breakfast?” – Banana Republic
  • “Describe the color yellow to somebody who’s blind.” – Spirit Airlines
  • "Would you rather fight 1 horse-sized duck, or 100 duck-sized horses?" – Whole Foods
  • “What’s your favorite ‘90’s song?” – Squarespace

By freeing up time for recruiting professionals, Avrio lets you take control, interact more with your candidates, and provide them with an unconventional, enjoyable and positive experience they will remember and share with others.

All of that makes your recruitment that much more attractive to top talent, and this gets increasingly important as younger demographics enter the job market.

“Let machines do what they are good at, and let people do what they are best at” - Nachi Junankar, Avrio AI CEO

Recruiting doesn’t have to be repetitive and mundane. Let our talent platform take care of the busy work while you focus on winning over those top candidates.

So, book a demo online anytime or meet us in person this September 24-26th at SourceCon, and see how the future of recruiting is something we can all look forward to!

Don’t forget to reach out to us if you plan on attending SourceCon – we would love to see you there!