By Jessica Demmer • May 2, 2019

Utilizing Chatbots in Your Recruiting Process

Utilizing Chatbots in Your Recruitment Process

Are you too overloaded to respond to every candidate phone call or email in a timely manner?

You aren’t alone – the communication problem in the recruitment industry is vast, and it affects the entire candidate experience.

A CareerBuilder study found that 81% of candidates mentioned improvements in communication would greatly enhance their candidate experience. They also found that the number one frustration from candidates is the lack of response from employers.

They also reported that using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can improve the candidate experience by placing more emphasis on the candidate and assisting with ongoing communication.

However, even the most modern ATS is highly limited in comparison to what artificial intelligence can do right now for your communication.

How AI chatbots like Avrio’s Rio enhance your communication

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'Learn How Avrio AI’s Chatbot Rio Can Help Improve Your Candidate Communication'

AI chatbots will immediately enhance your communication far beyond what the typical Applicant Tracking System is capable of.

For example, our Conversational AI chatbot 'Rio' is capable of reaching out to thousands of candidates simultaneously, screening them through personalized and machine-driven conversations: 

  1. Candidates receive an email inviting them to chat with Rio.
  2. Candidates open Avrio’s proprietary chat platform to chat live with Rio via desktop or mobile.
  3. Rio will ask a series of smart questions to perform your initial candidate interview and avoid the need to conduct preliminary phone interviews.
  4. In turn, your candidates can ask Rio a series of questions as well, such as “what is your company culture like?” or “what are the day to day responsibilities of the job?” to save your recruiters the need to answer those questions.

With this AI-driven communication process, Rio is capable of handling a variety of initial candidate questions and concerns without requiring a human recruiter.

Of course, human recruiters are required to further interview and screen candidates once this initial interview takes place. However, with an AI chatbot, they will have much more information to work from to make smarter and better hiring decisions.

Automated candidate profile enhancement

As another way to engage and assist candidates, Rio is capable of identifying relevant skills and experiences they may have left off their application.

After identifying additional information, the results will be pulled back into the candidate's profile within the Avrio AI application. The uncovered information can affect the candidate's FitScore and candidacy for the job.

That can be highly valuable for candidates whether they get the job or not – adding those skills to their application may help them qualify for similar jobs in the future, a nice side benefit for your candidates when you use an AI chatbot for recruitment.

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Chatbots can improve your candidate experience right now

The benefits of AI are many; your candidates will often experience a far higher level of engagement through the simple use of an AI chatbot compared to human recruiters for your initial interview and screening process.

With 24/7 availability, instead of playing phone tag with candidates, initial screening interviews with Rio can be started at their earliest convenience. In a global economy where recruitment campaigns are often spread across multiple continents and time zones, this is incredibly valuable and will save your team countless hours.

The vast majority of job candidates (66%) are comfortable communicating with chatbots. That percentage is likely to increase once chatbots are deployed at more companies. Candidates will continue to see firsthand just how beneficial chatbots can be for answering initial questions, enhancing their resume and initiating interviews.

So, the long and short of it is – if you want a quick way to make your candidates happier through better and more consistent communication, it’s very likely worth testing out an AI chatbot for your recruitment.

Avrio’s Rio may be the perfect place for you to start. Our cutting-edge AI chatbot interview capabilities combined with the intelligent matching of our AI recruiting platform, will make your recruitment process faster, more personalized and engaging than ever before.