By Jessica Demmer • November 20, 2018

Why Avrio AI's Recruitment Platform is Perfect for Recruitment Teams

Recruiting teams have dealt with some imposing demands in recent years due to the data explosion, being faced with incredibly challenging time and budgetary constraints.

The recruiting teams that we work are expected to efficiently manage company growth and keep the flow of top talent coming in, sometimes with the same resources as before.

How do we help recruiters stay on top of the everyday demands that can start to pile up quickly and cause painful delays as their companies grow? AI has become the perfect solution.

Comprehensive Matching and Precision

Avrio AI offers highly advanced matching algorithms that are best in class. This is our catalyst for the entire process, because great matching results in highly qualified shortlists, better conversations, more productive interviews, and faster quality hires!

Our matching algorithms work so well because they are highly precise – they are able to fully analyze the resume data in your ATS to find the appropriate fits for an open job. Our machines gain a deep understanding of a candidate's fit for a job and can sees the detailed nuances that most people miss. The average recruiter only spends 6 seconds reviewing a resume! 

The end result is great hires with less time and effort dedicated to finding them! So, matching matters significantly with any talent platform, and when you have sophisticated AI with machine-learning capabilities behind it all, it makes a world of difference in the quality and accuracy of your shortlists.

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When recruiting budgets stay limited but needs grow, it inevitably ends up stressing a team out, and corners are cut.

This shows up in many ways – from the 5% of candidates who walk away from the experience hearing nothing at all, to the 8% who wait months to hear back, or the 60% of candidates who have had a bad experience.

Recruiters spend up to 3 hours of their day on resume screening and initial engagement tasks that should be automated by AI ($510 per week if a recruiter’s salary is $70k). That’s valuable time and money that can be handled by an AI talent platform at a fraction of the cost!

AI has allowed companies to stay competitive even as their needs scale upward. Our AI talent platform is capable of quickly and intelligently shortlisting all of the resumes in your ATS for any new opening. This allows you to bring in the best people faster than ever and save those 3 hours each day.

The best way to spend your recruiting time is on interacting with your top candidates. That is what humans are good at – not trying to pinpoint information from hundreds of resumes to shortlist them!

Winning the battle for top talent also requires more dedication to the candidate experience and job culture. This matters a lot, especially to younger talent.

80% of Millennials look at culture and people fit primarily with prospective employers, followed by career potential. You can beat the competition today through AI to free up time to develop that unique corporate culture and ensure that your most talented candidates don’t slip away.


No Expertise Needed

When the word “AI” is mentioned – many people get a sense of panic about the potential complexity and make the assumption that it’s going to be too difficult to use, but that’s not the case with Avrio.

Avrio makes it simple for users of all technical backgrounds, with intuitive features and a simple interface. It’s easy enough to use that anyone on your team can navigate it! No extensive training necessary. Understandably, a lot of smaller companies don’t have dedicated recruiting departments, so even if your employees or executives don’t have a strong recruiting background, Avrio is still designed to be very easy to work with.

You simply log in and see your group of shortlisted candidates, while other features take just a few clicks to work with. Instead of being overwhelmed with features that would give you a headache, Avrio is more like the GEICO motto - “So easy a caveman could do it!”

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From an ROI standpoint, adopting AI makes perfect sense. We have found that AI lowers the cost to hire by an average of 25% for our clients, from $4,129 down to $3,097. It also reduces time to hire by an average of 11 days, from 44 days down to 33.

When a new job opens, you get higher quality submittals because of our awesome matching, and you won’t have to spend nearly as much time or effort.

This is the main feature that sets us apart from other talent platforms. It’s proven to save you both in the short and long term, because our AI gets better and better at what it does!

AI fits seamlessly into your recruiting team and helps keep things moving as demands grow – while spending less than ever and keeping everyone sane.

See the power of Avrio AI for your recruiting team today by requesting a free demo!