Meet rio

Your team’s first artificially intelligent recruiter

Why rio?

Our platform uses Artificial Intelligence to help match you to jobs that will propel your career forward. Ask Rio questions about the company  and see which jobs best fit your experiences.

Intelligent Conversations

What type of questions does Rio ask?
Rio asks pre-qualifying questions to learn more about you and your professional expereince.

Transparent Opportunities

  Have questions about the office culture, day-to-to day responsibilities or the vacation policy?
Rio has the answers or will quickly find someone who does.

24/7 Availability

Wake up in the middle of the night remembering a question you forgot to ask?
No problem! Rio doesn't sleep, so send the question on your schedule and get back your Zzzz.

Profile Enrichment 

  Leave something off your resume?
No Worries, Rio can enhance your profile to make sure all your skills are shown for that dream job. 

Meet Rio

Discover what Avrio's Artificial Intelligence can do for your recruitment needs.