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"Kestenbaum: We have a company in our incubator called Avrio that has a chatbot named Rio. You plug your resume into Rio and it matches you to jobs and tells you what you should do to fix your resume so you’ll be a better match and make it through the ATS filter." 


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Recap of TTL Transatlantic Expo


Big Win at the Talent Tech Labs Expo!

Avrio was selected by attending corporate buyers, HR Tech mentors and industry investors as the top emerging HR company at the Talent Tech Labs Transatlantic Expo. Avrio competed against 18 other startups, from 14 different countries, across a variety of different HR disciplines.

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Avrio Named to Top 100+ HR Technologies to Watch


Recruiting Daily Presents: The 100+ HR Technologies To Watch | Q1 2017 Edition.

"This list is designed with HR & recruiting practitioners in mind. It’s my hope that you will find something on here that can help your talent organization function effectively or efficiently, address a particular pain point or actual business problem you’re having, or just helps make your job(and life) a little bit easier.

Without further ado, I’m excited to present the list of the top HR Technologies to Watch in Q2 2017:" 

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The WorkLife Hub


Can you imagine a world, in which millions of unemployed people could find meaningful jobs that would sustain their families, and all the companies that are looking for qualified workers could find and recruit them easily? Our guest Nachi Junankar founded Avrio to tackle exactly this global issue.

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Radio Entrepreneurs


Nachi Junankar of Avrio Inc. joins us to discuss job searching and how his company is making it easier and more streamlined. 

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Is Fenway the Next 'Innovation District?'

10 companies—mostly working in tech—have recently moved into more than 430K square feet of space in Fenway.

When Appcues co-founder and CEO Jonathan Kim was in search a new office last year, he said he looked at spaces in Kendall Square and Lechmere in Cambridge, along with spaces in Boston’s Fort Point and Leather District. Then, he said, T3 Advisors VP Jon Frisch suggested he check out this new kind of coworking space in Fenway, which hasn’t really been known as a hub for tech startups—but that is all starting to change now.

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Avrio Is to LinkedIn What LinkedIn Was to

You've heard the expression, "If the product is free, you are the product." It's the principle behind Facebook, gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter and any number of other services that harvest the content you freely give, selling it to more powerful and deep-pocketed entities who want a piece of your precious time.

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