Automate repetitive, non-revenue driving tasks so that your recruiters can focus on what they do best, building relationships and making placements. 



Use Artificial Intelligence to review, match and engage with your candidate pools.

Avrio's technology uses AI to speed-up the connection between recruiters and candidates; all while delivering a remarkably lucrative recruitment process. Empower your recruiting team with Avrio.


Qualify every candidate instantly


Qualify every candidate instantly 

Avrio's machine learning capabilities will automatically screen candidates, review resumes and shortlist your top candidates.
  • Our FitScore is a comprehensive algorithm that analyzes every aspect of a candidate’s work history, skills, certifications and education.
  • Our intelligent screening software develops a deep understanding of the job requirements and shortlists the best matching candidates.
Automate Candidate Engagement


Automate Candidate Engagement

Free up your recruiter's time so that they can focus on revenue driving tasks, such as building relationships and making placements.

  • Our chatbot "Rio" will engage every candidate that meets the minimum requirements for a job and follow up with job-specific questions. Thus filling in the gaps in their profiles, so you can compare candidates on equal footing.

  • Teach Rio how you respond to commonly asked candidate questions. Let Rio handle questions about the vacation policies, benefits info, start dates and job responsibilities.

Leverage the data you already have



Leverage the data you already have

You have spent a lot of time and money to get the candidates you have. Let Avrio crawl your candidate database and turn past candidates into today's hires.

  • Avrio seamlessly integrates with your existing ATS, which means every candidate you have is an opportunity for revenue.

  • Whether the candiate applied to the job or is already within your system, Rio pinpoints exactly who to reach out to and what questions to ask.  Rio will even refresh old candidate records with new skills and information that it collects.


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Our Staffing Firm Integrations

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Already using Bullhorn or CATS, get up and running in no time! 

Avrio can integrate with most other ATS, CRM and sourcing tools.


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